Which UK Cashback Website is better – Quidco or TopCashback?


If you want some cash rebate from purchasing your products online in the UK, you should consider using a cashback website now to save money. There are two big cashback websites in the UK – Quidco and TopCashback. When you sign up and buy any products from their partners through the get cashback link, your cashback will be tracked and you will usually receive the cashback within few months after the payment is confirmed. However, which cashback website is better? Quidco or TopCashback?Let me give you a detailed comparison between both platforms.

What is Quidco and how does Quidco work?

Quidco was established in 2005 and has more than millions of members earning cashback when they shop online for their favorite brand.  It is very easy to earn cashback through Quidco. You just need to use this link to register as a member on the website and use the search function to find the retailers you plan to purchase the product with and visit the retailer page through the get cashback link, then Quidco can track the cashback once you completed your purchase and confirm the cashback to your account.

You can find the cashback rate for the retailers by searching the name. They have some exclusive offer from time to time so it is a good cashback website to use if you are the resident of the United Kingdom.


What do I like about Quidco?

1. Best rate cashback and many payouts method

Quidco has the best rate cashback guarantee and you get 52 payouts with a bonus.  For example, you can either transfer your cashback to your UK bank account, PayPal account, or as an added bonus on a gift card for Tesco, Just Eat, amazon gift card, Asos, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Argos, Costa, Clarks, M&S, etc.

Here is the screenshot for Quidco. I have confirmed £78.26 cashback in my account. I can either withdraw it to my bank, PayPal, or withdraw it as an amazon gift card, Asos gift card, JustEat gift card, etc with added premium payout bonus.

quidco cashback withdraw



2. Quidco has 4,500 established merchants and big brands you know in UK

Quidco has more than 4,500 merchants offer decent cashback amounts to you on your purchase. Here are some of the popular brands you can find on Quidco: eBay, Amazon, Vodafone, Manuka Doctor, Hotels.com, Expedia, Ebookers, Tesco, Sainsbury, M&S, etc.


3. Ability to donate cashback for good causes website

Additionally, you can donate the cashback to any charity for good causes website if you want. Therefore, if you don’t need the cashback for extra cash, it is always good to use the Quidco cashback link to get cashback from your purchase and change the cashback as a donation to the charity.



4. Miss cashback claim

If you find any cashback is missing, you can do a missing cashback claim to request the team to investigate the missed cashback. I asked Quidco to track my missed cashback a few times and the customer services are really helpful that they respond to my request within 48 hours and help me confirm the track.



5. Minimum withdrawal payout – £1

The minimum withdrawal payout amount is £1. However, you cannot spill the payout to different payment methods. Personally, I used Quidco a lots and I don’t find it as a problem because I always prefer to transfer the cashback to my PayPal account or bank account directly instead of using the added bonus to change it as a gift card.

quidco cashback withdraw

6. Reliable Tracked Cashback record

Almost all my cashback from my purchase is tracked correctly. You will see the confirmed amounts of cashback and when will it be paid to your account clearly on Quidco dashboard.


Quidco cashback screenshot

Quidco referral link for cashback

Sign up Quidco referral link to get extra bonus

If you sign up for the referral link here, you will receive a £10 bonus once you’ve earned £5 cashback with Quidco! It means you will earn £10 extra and also cashback from what you purchased.


What is Top cashback and how does Top cashback website works?

Top cashback works a similar mechanism to Quidco. You visit a merchant or retailers through the ‘Get Cashback Now’ link on TopCashback website. Then it will open a new browser to the merchant official website. When you make any purchase through the browser opened from Top cashback, your purchased history will be tracked and you can get the cashback according to the cashback percentage mentioned on TopCashback website.


What do I like about TopCashback?

1.  Best rate cashback guarantee and many payout methods

Same as Quidco, TopCashback also has the best rate cashback guarantee. Sometimes they have different exclusive cashback offers from Quidco, so it is good to sign up for both Quidco and TopCashback platforms to get the different premium rates of cashback. Regarding the payout method, currently, Topcashbakc offers 62 payouts with an added bonus. It means you can also change the cashback into a gift card for Amazon, Love2Shop, Just Eat, Tesco, etc. 


2. TopCashback has 5000+ established merchants and big brands you know in the UK

Same as Quidco, TopCashback is a website established since 2005, so many big brands are registered with it to provide cashback for the customers in order to boost their sales. You will find many big brands in different categories.



3. Ability to donate cashback to charity

With TopCashback, you can also donate cashback to more than 300 charities. You can do this when you wish when you request a payout.



4. You can buy a gift card on the merchant website and receive cashback at the same time

One of the big benefits of TopCashback website is that you can buy gift cards from the merchant’s website and receive cashback as well. TopCashback offers a feature called ‘TopGiftCards’ that you can buy digital gift cards from a number of retailers and receive cashback. As Quidco does not have this feature, if you plan to buy a gift card for your friends and family, it is always good to check TopCashback website before your purchase. 



5. Ability to spilt the payout

One of the great plus for TopCashback is that you can spilt the payout to different payment methods. For example, if you have £50 confirmed cashback, you can assign £25 to payout via bank transfer, and you can assign £15 to payout as an Amazon gift card, and the remaining £10 to payout as a Just Eat gift card or voucher.



6. Sign up TopCashback link to get extra bonus

You can sign up TopCashback with this referral link to get a £5 Sign Up bonus once you earned £10 payable cashback. 


Final Verdict: Which one is better? Quidco or TopCashback website?

After comparing the benefits of both websites,  Quidco and TopCashback is undoubtedly a great way to save money. Depend on the cashback percentage that the merchant offers, you can earn decent amounts of cashback when you use it consistently. It is always a good practice to compare the rate of cashback on both platforms before you decide which one to use.

Personally, I love using Quidco because it also has many exclusive offers. I purchased things on eBay quite often and sometimes they will offer a 3% cashback for a limited time and 1% cashback as a standard rate. I also buy my favorite paraben-free skincare brand Manuka Doctor quite often. I can get 6.6% cashback on Quidco while TopCashback only offers 5% cashback.  I also used Quidco to purchase my hotel accommodation for traveling and the experience is fantastic and all cashback is tracked correctly.

Therefore, I seldom use TopCashback because Quidco usually offers a better rate for the brand that I used to use and  I prefer to concentrate my earning on one platform instead of two. However, it depends on your strategy to earn cashback. If you love to buy gift cards online, I would recommend TopCashback instead of Quidco. Remember, you can sign up Quidco and TopCashback from my referral link to get the signup bonus.  I hope this post is useful to you. If you have any comments please feel free to write on the comment box.  


Other UK Referral Link For purchasing bonus

  • Lookfantastic Referral Link :

    You will receive a £5 of your first order after sign up.  You can click here to get the bonus.


  • Manuka Doctor Referral Link:
    You will receive 15% off of your first purchase. After you sign up with this 15% discount, you can also use Quidco to make purchases and get cashback. You can click here to get the bonus.



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