Viral Spark Review – Increase Social Media Followers With Exclusive Bonus


Viral Spark Review – Increase Social Media Followers With Exclusive Bonus

If you want to increase social media followers and look for a list building software, the new software Viral Spark can help you generate big, viral traffic, loads of followers and lots of commissions through viral sharing, it also means you can turn 1 follower into 100s or even 1000s with one simple share using viral spark! You will find more information in this Viral Spark Review.   


What Is Viral Spark?

Viral Spark is the world’s first and only multi-social network software that generates social media followers via viral sharing. It is a brand new automated system that guarantees daily sales & leads daily without you having to sell anything. With this automated system, you can generate a stable income and build your leads daily without actually promoting a single product or doing any other heavy lifting whatsoever. The Viral Spark is created by Dan Ashendorf, Mike McKay and Dennis De Graaf. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With this revolutionary cloud-based Viral Spark software, you can use it to perform the following functions:

  • Generates shareable landing pages
  • Grows social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter  and Pinterest.
  • Generates self liquidating offers. 
  • Creates a wave of traffic and engagement.
  • Builds your list through viral sharing.
  • Automatically grows your social media following.
  • Explode your social media following with just a few clicks.


How Does Viral Spark Work?

Viral Spark can make the viral traffic translated to followers, leads and affiliate commissions all at once. It works in three simple steps:

  • First, select one of our high converting landing page to grow your followers.


  • Second, unlock the next page which creates an EXPLOSIVE community of followers for your social profiles…generating more traffic and engagement.


  • Third, after unlocking the page, your subscriber is presented with a high converting sales offer that generating an immediate deluge of commissions.


Viral Spark Three Steps - What is Viral Spark


VIral Spark Demo


Features of Viral Spark

  • Automatically Generate TARGETED Followers.
  • The software finds people that will follow you.
  • Monetize Traffic In Any Way You Wish.
  • With easy integration of affiliate offers, CPA, eCom products and much more.
  • Works In Any Niche.
  • Generate leads and commissions in ANY niche online and offline.
  • Run UNLIMITED Campaigns.
  • Run unlimited campaigns with Viral Spark to guarantee Earth-shattering result.
  • Fully Cloud-Based.
  • Viral Spark is fully-automated running on ‘set & forget’ technology.
  • Viral Spark will generate unlimited FREE leads daily.


Viral Spark Review

Viral Spark Review - Increase Social Media Followers
Viral Spark Review

Name: Viral Spark

Description: Viral Spark is a cloud-based software that generates social media followers and leads on auto pilot, and creates a tsunami of traffic and affiliate commissions with built-in product, email capture system, viral list & income builder and top-secret AUTOPILOT social media following builder

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  • Easy To Use
  • Features
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Design


What are included in Viral Spark?

  • Built-in product
  • Email capture system
  • Viral list & income builder
  • The top-secret AUTOPILOT social media following builder

These items are done with zero clicks needed upon login. The ONLY thing left to do is enter a username, and your “link” to get paid as you complete the easy-to-follow action steps.     


Result and Testimonials

  • Generate affiliate commissions easier than before
  • Explode your social media following with just a few clicks!

“If you need free, targeted traffic today in any niche then you need Viral Spark. Create highly viral campaigns in under 60 seconds & get 100% unlimited free traffic using Viral Spark with ZERO extra costs. It really makes everything so very simple…and it’s going to help so many people. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” Kevin Byrne

“If you ever wanted to to grow your social media profiles without having to invest in expensive advertising, Viral Spark will do this for you. I literally couldn’t believe it in the beginning when I saw how it works – it’s one of the most ingenious ways to play the social media game and also grow your list at the same time. Absolutely amazing.”Ram Rawat

Viral Spark is definitely my 1st choice software for generating viral traffic, leads and sales! It’s also incredibly easy and fast to use. If you need to boost your following and online engagement and haven’t hours of time to invest, then you just have to have this. Get Viral Spark without a second’s hesitation. This is such an improvement on any method I’ve used to grow my social media following virally…I just love it!” Igor Burban

Here are the beta testers  results of using Viral Spark on Social Media:


How to use Viral Spark to increase social media followers and build list


Why Do You Need To Get Viral Spark Today?

  • Beginner friendly and super simple to implement.
  • Be up and running in the next 60 seconds.
  • Completely brand new system…never seen before.
  • Guaranteed earnings daily.
  • Guaranteed list building daily.
  • Proven to work thanks to exhaustive testing.
  • Quality built tech.


What are the Upgrade of Viral Spark?

Front End: Viral Spark – $22  one-time payment

  • With this front end Viral Spark, you can creates viral Landing Pages, generates followers to your social media, members follow others’ profiles, presents self liquidating offers, integrates with social media platforms, creates a wave of traffic and build your list on auto-pilot.


Upgrade 1 – Viral Spark Max – $37 one-time payment

  • Turns the front offer into a supercharged machine (gets you even better results) and the integration with Zapier with the  ability to download leads.   Upgrade 2 – VS Club $37 per month This Viral Spark Club allows you to generate unlimited followers & subscribers  


Upgrade 3 – Agency Rights of Viral Spark – $67 one-time payment

  • You will receive the agency rights to the entire funnel that allowing you to earn 100% commissions   I’ve compiled an amazing bonus package for you today that perfectly compliments Viral Spark…at the same time benefiting your business!


My Exclusive Bonus for Viral Spark

To ensure you will succeed in using Viral Spark, creating traffic-generated videos with the powerful software, I’ve compiled an exclusive bonus for you today that perfectly compliments Viral Spark at the same time benefiting your business when you purchase Viral Spark through my link. You will also receive my amazing bonus package in addition to these exclusive bonuses for Viral Spark!


  • Exclusive bonus 1:  6 Big Mega Bonus Package Niche Website (Worth $3572)

This 6 Mega Bonus Package include the following items: 6 MEGA BONUS PACK Video Crusher Review  

  • How to make $2k a day video training (Worth $197)
  • Rapid Google Account Creator (Worth $997)
  • Prestige (Worth $97)
  • 20 WordPress plugins (Worth $987)
  • 70 sales letter templates (Worth $297)
  • The IM Toolkit (Worth $97)


  • Exclusive bonus 2: Backlink Basics With Reseller Rights


  • Exclusive bonus 3:  Get Traffic Google With Reseller Rights


  • Exclusive bonus 4: Keyword Tools


  • Exclusive bonus 5: Viral Infographic traffic  


  • Exclusive bonus 6: SEO Skills Mastery


  • Exclusive bonus 7: 21 Day Online Business Launch

Launch Your Online Business In The Next 21 Days Following A Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint!” The Top 5 Online Business Models For Building A Successful Online Business Fast! Over the next 21 Days, you will know exactly what you need to do to launch your online business.  


  • Exclusive bonus 8: 25 Youtube Outro Clips

Build Your YouTube Channel Fast and Easy to Thousand of Subscribers with These Custom Video Outros!  


  • Exclusive bonus 9: Traffic Inclination


  • Exclusive bonus 10: Pricing Table Generator


  • Exclusive bonus 11: Expert Graphics Videos

Want to earn profitable side income even if you’re a newbie? Well, now you can! Discover The Lazy Man’s Way To Learning Graphic Design And Get Paid Top Dollar For Your Work!    



  • Exclusive bonus 12: Content Curation Blueprint

Are you one of the many people who find despite whatever they try, they just can’t seem to get down and write the content you need to? For many years I tried every single thing to create content; every method, technique, system. With The Content Curation Blueprint, you can now save hours time and effort to generate the content you want for your sites. Fill Your Site With Amazing Content Without Having To Write A Single Word Save Hours In Writing Time Become THE Authority In Your Niche.  


  • Exclusive bonus 13: Traffic Siphon

Learn how to do article marketing, feeder site strategies, press release, quick backlinks and social marketing with this package.   



  • Exclusive 14: Animated Graphics Firesale

  Animated Graphics Firesale is a Huge Pack of Over 8,000 Animated Graphics!        




  • Exclusive bonus 15: Food Stock Image

Stock Images For You To Use In Your Projects And Your Clients Projects.   



My Exclusive Bonus for Purchasing Any Upsell of Viral Spark

If you purchase any of the upsell (OTO) of Viral Spark, you will also receive an additional 5 bonus from me. Just sent me your receipt after you purchase the upsell then I will send you the following bonus within 24 hours.

Fast Action Upsell Bonus 1: YouTube Cash with Resell Rights


Fast Action Upsell Bonus 2:Pricing Table Generator 


Fast Action Upsell Bonus 3: Product Creation Formula


Fast Action Upsell Bonus 4: Quick Traffic System 


Fast Action Upsell Bonus 5: 25 Proven Traffic Methods (Worth $197)



Conclusion: Viral Spark is 100% Recommended

With Viral Spark, you don’t need to pay for paid ads on Google, Facebook, Pinterest or pay money to build up the organic traffic to your website or social media to grow your followers because you can use Viral Spark to create a viral landing page that new software that incentivizes people across social media to share their content. The beta tester result shows that you can use this automated system to generate big, viral traffic and followers with the earning of affiliate commissions. If you are struggling to get followers or subscribers, it is worth trying this revolutionary Viral Spark software. Just click here and get access to the amazing Viral Spark and lock in your bonuses.



Your AMAZING Super Special Bonus Package

If you purchase through my link, you can also get my exclusive Viral Spark bonuses and the following AMAZING Super Special Bonus Package !  They are ALL FREE FOR YOU! Total Value worth $3000 +  You need to finish the following 2 simple steps:


  • 2. After you complete the order, send your receipt details to my email at


Here are the huge lists of the bonuses you will get if you purchase this product Today. Remember, you will get ALL bonuses as shown below.           Remember, you can get ALL the above bonuses when you buy this product through my links. You need to finish the following 2 simple steps:

  • 1. Buy this product through my link here.
  • 2. After you complete the order, send your receipt details to my email at
  • 3. You will get my bonus and I will send all bonus to you within 24 hours. 


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