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Do you find it is difficult to earn on income online? Do you follow your online marketing success blueprint but not getting the results you want? Indeed, this is what most marketers face nowadays. Whether you are a small company just starting, or a huge multinational enterprise, you want your business to grow. From this post, you will learn how to increase conversion rates with a simple secret that will grow your online business operations and convert your leads into customers. 

Put Conversion as Your Top Priority

If you want to make money online, conversion should be your top priority. You need to understand that conversion is not the last minutes’ concept after you building your website and generating traffic to your website. Instead, you should build your whole online presence with the target of getting conversion in mind. 

What is conversion?

Conversion is about creating a well-thought-out lead generation strategy to turn traffic into activities such as sales, zip code entries, and software downloads that can put dollars in your pocket. If you view it as the last stage in your online promotion process, it will be hard for the conversion to happen. You need to build your online business with conversion as your priority and engineer conversion into everything you do online.

Understand the Know-Like-Trust Process

The Know-like-trust process is the heart and soul of online conversion. This process is your secret to increase your conversion rates. So how does this know-like-trust process work? 

To make someone buy something from you online, they must trust you first. It is the same as how it works in the offline world. When you need to buy a gift for your friends, which shops would you rather buy from? Will you base your choice on your friend’s recommendation or from a random stranger that hits you up off the street suddenly? 

Here is the simple concept:

1. For people to like you, they must feel they know you first.
2. For people to trust you, they must like you first.

It means you cannot go straight from know to trust immediately. You have to go through a step-by-step know-like-trust process to achieve conversion.

The good news is that conversion speed various between people. Some people only need to read an informative piece of content from your website to make them feel they know you enough and like your brand. When they read your content on a more regular basis, they develop the trust to you and that is how to trigger them to click on your advertisement to buy things from your website. However, for other people, this process takes longer – they may have to go back to your website to read more to make them have a final commitment.

How to Make Conversions Happen?

To make conversions happen, you need to have a predictable, systematic and methodical approach to engineer the know-like-trust process into your website content or sales funnel. You cannot just produce many contents and people will eventually trust you and buy the products from you. Remember an integrated content is important!

What I mean is, each piece of content should support each other in your blog or website. Your content should filter the readers into a proper know, like, or trust stage. Your effective content will then link the proper content that would convert that person in that stage.

When we enter a keyword into a search engine like Google or Bing, we have different intents and want to get different information.

There are three types of people in general:

  • People who are just looking for general information and not plan to buy anything.
  • People who have already have a preference, but they’re looking to find a brand that they trust.
  • People who have already trust a brand and just need some push to pull the trigger or call to action to make a purchase.

This Know-Like-Trust technique will help you make more money. If you want to turbocharge to the ability to generate money online on a predictable basis, you need to know one important secret – Stories!


Secret Ingredients for Conversion – Stories



On top of the know-like-trust process, you need stories to generate an effective conversion. Stories are what make us humans and we make sense of the world based on different stories. Therefore, you can include story elements in your blog content, your email swipe, your marketing strategy that will make your brand more likable. When there are more contents to be produced every day, we are trained to filter out information automatically. Therefore, telling stories is one of the important steps for conversion.

However, you can’t simply throw a random story into your marketing or content materials, or just use a random and chaotic approach for your stories. You need to use stories that can shape how people see you. 

When you are creating content online, you need to use relevant images and stories to increase readers’ interest. A compelling story can persuade readers and take them on a ride. For example, your brand story should include an introduction, middle and conclusion. You can use the introduction to talk about why you experimented with these new products. Middle section can be the major challenge during the experiment process, what you discovered during your course of study, and  what benefits the products can bring to the users. The conclusion can be the results that you drew from this experiment and call to action. 

Here are the tips:

  • Introduction: Open Strong
  • Middle: Build Interest and highlight the benefits of the topics

Conclusion: A persuasive call-to-action message. 

Final Words

If you follow the above techniques and follow the Know Like Trust Process, you will see the increase in your sales. Proper content and proper messaging signals are important. If you want to increase the predictability of your online income, telling a story the right way at the right time is important. Do you find it hard to generate conversion? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in your comment. 


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