Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It the Best Affiliate Marketing Training or Is It A Scam?


Truly there are lots of affiliate marketing training in the market. You may look for different affiliate marketing training programs for a while, paid money to try them, and still couldn’t find the program is comprehensive enough that can satisfy all your needs. You may just try to find a way to learn how to make money online or want to understand how to make money at home. You may hear about Wealthy Affiliate and wonder is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam. If you have all these questions in mind, you are in the right place! As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am going to provide you an honest and in-depth Wealthy Affiliate Review and show you why Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training program for beginners I think in the market so far, and how to make money online today! 

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate, also called Wealthy Affiliate University, is an online membership community that provides a comprehensive and easy understand step-by-step Internet Marketing training for people who are interested in making money online. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and established a well-know and reputable marketer – Kyle and Carson.


What is Wealthy Affiliate and its founder Kyle and Carson
Wealthy Affiliate co-founder – Kyle and Carson


Over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the highest-rated resources and reputable platform to learn digital marketing or affiliate marketing.

The community has over 100,000 members. Members come from different countries and we shared the same goals of making money online and share our thoughts and knowledge with others. 

This helping network is especially great for people who are new to affiliate marketing and have someone to answer their questions without the need of paying huge amounts of money to get support from another experienced marketer or marketing coaching. It means – the support from the community is amazing! Many experienced marketers in Wealthy Affiliate are ready to help you for FREE as long as you are willing to ask questions in the live chat!  

Wealthy Affiliate also provides a premium free hosting as part of the membership. You don’t need to spend money to pay for hosting anywhere else! You can get 2 websites to be hosted there for FREE as a Free membership! If you go for a premium membership, Wealthy Affiliate provides free hosting to up to 50 domains. 

The program is designed for people at all levels of Internet Marketing, from a total beginner to an expert.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It the Best Affiliate Marketing Training or Is It A Scam?
  • Easy To Use
  • Price
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Support
  • Design
  • Functions
  • Web Hosting

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For? 

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who has any of the following hope or ambition or anyone who has the following thoughts:

  • I don’t know how to start or how to get the start of doing affiliate marketing.  
  • I want to make money online.
  • I am an affiliate marketing beginner and want to want a sustainable business’s online.  .
  • I want to learn how to choose a niche.  
  • I want to know how to write a blog.  
  • I want to know how to use WordPress.
  • I want to change my life and earn passive income.
  • I want to learn how to make passive income.  
  • I want to learn how to do Internet Marketing.  
  • I want to learn how to do PPC Marketing.  
  • I have interested in Affiliate Marketing  
  • I look for a proper and comprehensive affiliate marketing training.  
  • I want to receive up-to-date training and not an out-dated training as in some other websites.  
  • I want to learn how to do website marketing. 
  • I want to learn how to do social media marketing.  
  • I want to learn how to do Twitter marketing.  
  • I want to learn Facebook Marketing.  
  • I want to learn LinkedIn marketing.  
  • I want to learn how to set up BingAds.  
  • I want to learn how to do Google Adwords effectively.  
  • I am Interested in promoting Clickbank offer.  
  • I want to know how to set up home business.  
  • I want to learn or specialize in Search Engine Optimization.  
  • I want to learn a proper article marketing.  
  • I want to become a Millionaire.  
  • I want to quit my full-time job and enjoy my life.  
  • I want to know how I can retire earlier than others.  
  • I want to quit my minimum wages job.   
  • I want to learn how to use WordPress Plugins and theme in a proper way that can boost my business.  
  • I want to know how to get rich quick.  
  • I want to develop a supportive Affiliate Networks.  
  • I look for useful Internet Marketing Tools.
  • I look for a reliable and cheap Website Hosting with High-Assurance SSL Certificates.
  • I want to be self-employed.
  • I look for a useful Entrepreneur Programs  

And many more…  

If you have one of the above thoughts, and you are looking for a legit way and effective way to make money online, CONGRATULATIONS!  you are in the right place!   

 I bet you want to win back the physical and financial freedom that can lead you to have more than $1000 a day, $1000 a week or $10,000 a month.   

Please continue to read so that you know how to achieve your life target or ambitions.


Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

1. $0 Membership as a Starter member  

Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership for starter members. You do not need to pay the joining fee likes what other affiliate marketing learning websites or programs as you to do. Why? Because the founders want to provide a constructive and helpful environment for you to start your affiliate marketing life. You simply need to enter your email address so that you have a login account, and join as a member for Free! No-Risk and No Credit Card Required.

2. Learn how to build a website for FREE as part of the free membership  

I know it sounds too good to be true to enjoy world-class training without paying anything! However, it is what actually happened in Wealthy Affiliate. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about how to build a website. I used the website builder from GoDaddy but it was hard to do search engine optimization. I gave 100% credit to Wealthy Affiliate because my website building skills truly learn from here. The training can change a WordPress newbie – a non-tech girl – into a person who now knows how to build a website like THIS! Amazing right? 

How to build WordPress Website in 30 seconds – Wealthy Affiliate Starter Training


3. Wealthy Affiliate provides you a world-class and very updated marketing training  

As an Internet Marketer, it is important to know the update of new technologies. For example, how google changes their mechanism, how to use the new tools from Amazon, how to do a proper list building with appropriate tools etc. It is important to understand the latest trends to succeed in affiliate marketing. The content in many training programs on another membership website may be out-of-date and that information is no longer applicable to the current trend. Great thing is – Wealthy Affiliate has all you need and all the tools at your disposal! They provide live webinar training every week that provides you with updated information. If you don’t have time to attend the webinar, you can still watch those webinars in the training course sections!   

For example, I don’t’ have much knowledge about Amazon Affiliate Marketing, so I go to Wealthy Affiliate Website, and just type the word ‘Amazon Training’ in the search box. Here are the results! You can see, there are many training related to Amazon.

Wealthy Affiliate Amazon Training
Wealthy Affiliate Amazon Training Search


4. Wealthy Affiliate Has A Fantastic Support System 

The live chat is filled with dedicated people at all levels from beginners, to intermediate to the expert of Internet Marketing that is happy to share their knowledge and answer your questions.    

You don’t need to worry about the time zone problem! People come from all over the world so you can literally receive a response within 5 minutes most of the time. Indeed, sometimes can be as fast as a minute!   

The technical support team is fantastic. When I encounter any problems on my website. I write a message to Site Support, and they always reply to my message within 10 minutes, and sometimes in a few minutes! They really provide 24/7 support regardless of your timezone.  You don’t need to sit here and wait for the reply for 24 hours because you will receive a response real quick!

5. Experts provide honest suggestions for the tools that can help to make your business success 

If you want to know what the best tools for backup WordPress is, what is the best plugin to submit a sitemap, how to apply affiliate network etc, you can find this information easily on Wealthy Affiliate. Depend on the topics, you may find a blog post written by an experienced marketer that share their experience on how to do a step-by-step guide in using a particular great plugin, or you may find a video course that you can follow it step-by-step to set up a particular plugin. You will get to know what the recommended best tools for affiliate marketing are, and the negative opinions of tools too. This provides you a comprehensive picture to know what the best for your business is. 

What Is The Membership Price of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has two kinds of membership – Free Starter Membership and Premium Membership 

What benefits you can enjoy as a Free Starter Member in Wealthy Affiliate?


  • Joining Fee: $0
  • You don’t need to pay for anything at all! You only need to register an account and start your training immediately.
  • It provides step-by-step guidance on how to set up your profile so that you can get help from others.
  • You can read the blogs and can follow other people.
  • You can access the Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains and Site Contents
  • You can access the website via the site manager and have 2 free websites
  • You can use the top search bar to search the questions.
  • You can change your account setting.
  • You have access to 12 beautiful website design.
  • You have access to one of the most powerful keyword search tools – Jaxxy! It means you don’t need to pay for other keyword search tools in the market as Jaxxy is one of the top 10 keyword search tools in the market.


  • You can get many related keyword ideas within seconds. As a free member, you can search 30 keywords with a click of a button within the Jaxxy platform.For example, I search ‘How to do body building’ on Jaxxy. Here is the result. The QSR and SEO results are very useful for search engine optimization. 
  • You have 30 scans for your website ranking in Google, Bing, & Yahoo with Jaxxy SiteRank.
  • You can enjoy world-class free training which consists of a 10-lesson course as part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. You can click this link to view this amazing course and start immediately:  
Wealthy Affiliate - Free Affiliate Marketing Training That You Should Not Miss
Wealthy Affiliate – Free Affiliate Marketing Training That You Should Not Miss

From this 10-lesson course, you can benefit from the following: 


– Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community here at WA  – Discover the process of earning revenue online  
– Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals – Know how to choose your starting point NICHE for your business  
– Gain access to over 590,000 niches  – Understand the keyword research process  
– Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress  – Learn How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)  
– Learn how to build your very OWN niche website  – know how to create your own low competition keyword lists

…and many more!

  • Your website will be protected by site security, so you can rest assured that you are covered from any virus and malware on your website.  
Wealthy Affiliate - Site Security For WordPress
Wealthy Affiliate – Site Security For WordPress


  • You will receive first month discount to change from a free member to a premium plan! It means you only needs to pay $19 for the first month to enjoy the all-inclusive premium membership benefits.


Click Here To Try Wealthy Affiliate Free. No Risk, and No Credit Card Required.


What Are The Benefits From Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?


  • Premium Membership has all the benefits included as a free starter membership.
  • The first month is $19 and $49 every month. You can cancel the premium membership anytime and back to the starter membership.
  • For less than $2 per day …. You can access the Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains, Site Contents, Site Comments, Site Feedback, and Site Support.
  • You can use the blog space to write a blog.
  • You can ask questions in Live Chat and help others in live chat.
  • You can get access to all of the training in Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You can access to the entire SiteRubix Suite.
  • You can access to weekly live classes.
  • Have unlimited access to the keyword research platform – Jaaxy.
  • 100 scans for your website ranking in Google, Bing, & Yahoo with Jaaxy SiteRank.
  • You can host up to 50 websites on Wealthy Affiliate free.
  • You have access to over 51,000 “feature” extensions within Premium that you can use to ENHANCE your website in every imaginable way.AND MANY MORE!!!

Successful Stories From Wealthy Affiliate Members

Here are some of the real and honest reviews from our Wealthy Affiliate Family.


Why Wealthy Affiliate Is NOT a Scam?   

As an insider of Wealthy Affiliate, I witness how Wealthy Affiliate delivers what they promise on the website once I signed up as a free starter member and turned into a premium member. The website hosting is my NO.1 Choices when I need to set up a new website, the training is brilliant!

Here are some of the training on Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Training - Weekly Live Event
Wealthy Affiliate Training – Weekly Live Event
Wealthy Affiliate - Website Development Training
Wealthy Affiliate – Website Development Training

I know many affiliate marketing programs they only put the pre-recorded videos on their membership website, and they don’t even update their content to catch up the trend. In the digital age likes this, we need to have a supportive community that is willing to help each other. The norm within Wealthy Affiliate is exceptionally fantastic as hardly can you find any spam sales promotions here because we know that this is the platform we learn and share ideas. The weekly webinars are truly amazing, and the founders Kyle and Carson keep updating the system to ensure the technology is up to date that helps increase the google ranking of our websites.  From all the features and benefits I mentioned above, it is clear that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, but an amazing platform that helps you succeed in affiliate marketing and in your business regardless of what levels you are.



My Final Thoughts

As said by the founder Kyle – if your website was the bread, the Premium membership is going to be the peanut butter and jelly for your business!’ Personally, I think this is true! You will enjoy a lot of benefits as a free member. I would like to see you join Wealthy Affiliate today and start embarking your affiliate marketing life to its best.  

If you join today with my following link, you will receive the following Exclusive Joining Bonus Pack:  

1. Online Marketing Kick Start eBook (43-Pages)
– This kick start guide includes the questions and answers to marketing your business online

 2. Instagram Templates
– You can use these templates to make your unique post in Instagram marketing!

3. Ideas To Getting Started online Fast eBook
– You will learn the speedy way to an online income

4. You only need to pay $19 for your first month membership if you upgrade to premium member in the first 7 days

When you upgrade to become a premium member, You will also receive a  59% discount on your first monthly Premium membership fee if you decide to become a premium member in the first 7 days. It means you only need to pay $19 for the first month if you enjoy Wealthy Affiliate very much and want to go for the Premium membership.   


To claim the above bonus, you need to do the following:  

1. Clear your cookies in your browser.

2. Click this link or the following button to register as a free member and set up your profile.



3. Send an email to bonus@elite-review.com and mention your username in Wealthy Affiliate so that I can check the record.  

Please feel free to leave any comments here if you have any thoughts related to Wealthy Affiliate


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