MaxFunnels Review – Better Alternatives to Clickfunnels??


MaxFunnels Review –

Whatever Business you do, you can’t Multiply Your ROI & Profits without Building Proven Funnels. As Funnels, Empower you to Increase Your Lead or Customer Value by giving them options for more products, upgrades & services. We know building a successful funnel is very important because funnels are a very powerful ROI booster with huge results. Although it may sound techy to you but My Friend and 7-Figure Marketer, Dr. Amit Pareek has created a 100% Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Powerful SAAS – MaxFunnels – that do not need any coding, design or technical skills and it is a powerful next-generation, drag and drop editor and funnel planner without any monthly fee. If you are looking for an alternative of ClickFunnels or any other Funnel or Page Builder, you should take serious consideration about MaxFunnels as it will help you to save the huge monthly payment if you use ClickFunnels or other page builders. In this MaxFunnels Review, I am going to tell you what is MaxFunnels, MaxFunnels Features, the comparisons between MaxFunnels, ClickFunnels, LeadPages and Unbounc, and my exclusive bonuses for MaxFunnels.    

MaxFunnels Review -Better Alternative To ClickFunnels?
MaxFunnels Review

Product Name: MaxFunnels

Product Description: MaxFunnels allows you creating unlimited funnels and unlimited landing page with its free unlimited subdomain cater for your different projects. You can choose from 100 plus templates to create different types of funnels which makes it a good alternative of ClickFunnels and other funnels builders.

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What is MaxFunnels?

MaxFunnels is an easy click and drop builder with more than 100 ready-to-go templates that you can use to create high-converting sales funnels and pages without actually being a technical nerd or any special skills. You can build unlimited landing pages with MaxFunnels and you don’t need to pay for the hosting as MaxFunnels will host all your websites, pages and funnels in its ultra-fast CDNs. It has more features than ClickFunnels and you can buy the MaxFunnels with a single price without recurring payment during the launch period.  

  • Product name: MaxFunnels
  • Creator: Dr. Amit Pareek (He is also the creator of MaxDrive)
  • Launch Date: September 26, 2019
  • Price: $47 for personal license / $68 Commercial license for an early bird price during the 7 days launch period

**Note: You can use Use Discount Coupon “amitvip” for Instant 11% OFF of the commercial license** Maxfunnnels Review  

Why Do We Need Funnels?

Whatever we do online, we have to first drive traffic to a landing page or website to engage them and convert into leads and sales for profits and affiliate commissions.   But, things don’t end here as we can’t make our Business Profitable until we Increase ROI and for that, we have to take all our Subscribers & Customers through a Funnel having multiple Upsells, Cross-Sells, Upgrades, Services etc. that people can buy and get more life-time value from the leads we acquired.   But, creating a High-Converting Funnel yourself will take years to learn however, you can take MaxFunnels Shortcut that comes with Proven-Converting and Elegantly-Designed Funnels to Start Multiplying Profits without any difficult learning curve.



How To Use MaxFunnels?

You can use this software to build your funnels in 3 easy steps:

Step #1 : Choose a proven converting page or funnel template

  • You get 100s of ready-to-use templates to choose according to your niche & goal.


Step #2 : Edit them with Next-Gen– Drag & drop, Page editor & free flow funnel planner 

  • It gives you complete freedom of creating anything without knowing even a single code or designing.


Step #3 : Publish & Profits 

  • Now publish your funnels that work 24*7 for you to grab maximum leads and sales like a pro.

  MaxFunnels Features You will find many innovative features within MaxFunnels. You will probably be surprised by why you are still paying the monthly payment for ClickFunnels when MaxFunnels has more features than you expected.

  • You can choose from 100s of proven converting templates to build a winning lead, sale, webinar or any other funnel for any goal within minutes.


  • You can build Unlimited Page and Funnels for any Marketing campaign


  • You can effortlessly add beautiful CTA, Buttons, Popups & Forms with the next-generation drag and drop editor to get maximum attention, clicks, and conversions


  • You can use one of the proven lead funnels to grab maximum leads for you and send them directly to your favorite autoresponder and webinar tool.  It has advanced integrations with autoresponders, Webinars, CRM & Pixabay.


  • As the top converting sales pages, bonus & review pages are built to funnel, you can use it to skyrocket your sales for every visitor who visits your page.


  • Build mobile-friendly fast loading funnel pages


  • You can use it to create unlimited, proven converting Funnels and Pages in any niche and reach your goal in a few minutes.


  • MaxFunnels has 100+ Proven Converting, Mobile Responsive & Ready-to-Go Landing Page Templates for you to use.


  • Fully Drag & Drop & Visual Next Generation Funnel Designer & Planner


  • It provides precise analytics for your marketing campaigns


  • It has advanced integrations with autoresponders, Webinars, CRM & Pixabay.


  • You can do a A/B testing for landing pages & funnels


  • You can create unlimited subdomains and team for multiple business management


  • Complete step-by-step video training & tutorials included


  • Manage all the pages, funnels with a hassle-free project management system


  • Automatic SSL encryption for maximum security


  • Inbuilt SEO management for better SERP’s & search traffic


MaxFunnels Pros

  • No Installation, no coding or designing or Other Techie Stuff required.
  • You can publish a page and start making profits in as less as 10 minutes.
  • Easier and has more features than ClickFunnels and other landing page builders.


MaxFunnels Cons

  • Need a stable internet to access this cloud-based application



Why You should choose MaxFunnels over any other Funnel Builders?

Yes, there are few good Pages & Funnel Builders available in the market but on the comparison, you will find that they charge you huge monthly fees and only allow you to acquire the limited number of leads. They do not have prompt live chat Support to provide you immediate help whenever you need and they are not very focused on the goals and results that you want to achieve. However, MaxFunnels is a next-gen SAAS that you can get Today at Special 1-Time Introductory Deal Price and Save a lot for life.  

Comparison: MaxFunnels VS Convertri VS ClickFunnels VS Leadpages VS Unbounce

MaxFunnels VS ClickFunnels VS LeadPages

MaxFunnels Upgrade Options /MaxFunnels OTOs

MaxFunnels Front End: Person Use $47 / Commercial License $68 (One-off payment)

  • Click here to view the sales page


MaxFunnels OTO1: MAXFUNNELS PRO ($44 / $64)

  • With this upgrade,  you can create unlimited businesses, get access to 1 million+ stock photos & videos, advanced analytics & integrations and 10+ pro features
  • Click here to view the sales page

MaxFunnels Review - MaxFunnels Pro Upgrade


You will get the following new features of the OTO1 upgrade:

  • Create a separate sub-domain for separate business, product or service of yours to manage better & look professional to save your time & focus on making more profits out of it.


  • Engage Maximum Audience with 100,000+ Royalty Free Stock Images & Videos.With MaxFunnels, you’re getting the power of utilizing Millions of Royalty Free Images & videos for your benefit through Pixabay, Pexels & Shutterstock Integration. Just use them and let the magic begin.


  • Work Collaboratively & Share Proven Funnels & Templates
  • Duplicate Landing Pages & Funnels In Between Businesses And Projects And Save Templates For Further Use


  • A/B Testing For Landing Pages To Choose The Best Performer. Make variants of your funnels & pages instantly and choose the best to boost your conversions and profits.


  • Advanced Analytics Of Your Funnels & Pages To Have Clear Insight Of What’s Working & What’s Not To Boost ROI. You will get  complete analytics on your funnels & pages and take the corrective actions if needed. Know your numbers to improve your marketing campaigns & better results. Checkout in-depth analytics for results according to location, technology & devices.


  • Upload & store all your files including images, documents, audios, videos, folder etc. securely. Organize files with search bar or filters, manage folders or make them public or private as you want. Deliver media to your clients easy & FAST.


  • Fetch useful files effortlessly with Google Drive, One Drive & Dropbox in 1 Click Using Integration.


  • Play Your Videos On Landing Pages Using Inbuilt Professional, Ultra-Light & Attractive HLS Video Player. HLS player is perfectly optimized to play videos on all devices & its 100% mobile responsive.


  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers using CRM integrations


  • Share Control of Your Business to Up To 5 Team Members to Outsource Your Manual Work. Assign Them Limited or Full Access According to Their Role. You can add any 5 team members according to their roles and the action they can perform in dashboard. You can also create team and assign roles & permissions to them. For this, just click on the add new user tab, fill all the information including the name of the person, their email address and assign them specific roles. You can also give privileges that you want to offer.


MaxFunnels OTO2: MaxFunnels Agency ($47 for 200 clients / $67 for unlimited clients)


  • You can set up your own marketing agency to help clients build the funnels with the agency license. MaxFunnels will let you reach tons of hungry clients & provide them services and completely ELIMINATE all the risks! You get access to a point-n-click dashboard, where you can Add a client business & create them a team account in Just 15 minutes without any technical hassle and you can even control their access. Access to MaxFunnels will let you reach tons of hungry clients & provide them services and completely ELIMINATE all the risks!

MaxFunnels Review - MaxFunnels Agency License


MaxFunnels OTO3: MaxFunnels Template Club ($44)


  • You will get total 20 Proven to convert page templates with 5 Done-for-you sales funnels each and every month with this template club upgrade. It means you are getting 20 Proven to convert page templates with 5 Done-for-you sales funnels each and every month for next 12 Month. That’s 200+ ONLY Proven templates for you.


MaxFunnels OTO4: MaxFunnels Membership  

  • This upgrade provides you three options – monthly membership, one-year membership and two-year membership. 


  • The price for MaxFunnels Premium Membership Monthly is $27/month with $1 Trial for 30 Days. (View the sales page)


  • The price for MaxFunnels Premium Membership 1 Year Plan is $197 per year. (View the sales page)


  MaxFunnels MonthlyPlan and Yearly Membership Plan - MaxFunnels Review and OTOS  

Exclusive Bonuses For Purchasing MaxFunnels

Bonus 1 — Profit Funnel Ideas

  • It’s a proven fact that a compelling sales funnel can easily increase conversion rate. And if you one of those active internet marketers and online business builders who looking for new ways, new products and new ideas to serve more customers and profit more in the process, Profit Funnel Ideas is the solution for you.
  • Keeping this in mind, here’s a valuable package that offers a variety of profitable ideas that you can use for your own and create sell-able commodities.
  • It’s a must-have and when combined with funnel & landing page prowess of MaxFunnels, it reaps long term profitable results for business owners.


Bonus 2 : Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies Video Upgrade

  • Are you making your money through ad clicks using the Adsense monetization platform or selling affiliate products? If yes, you’re trying to convert people from simple clickers of links and readers of your content to cold hard cash.
  • This video course teaches you how to optimize your sales funnel and get best results in a cost-effective manner. It will show you key strategies that will help you maximize conversions and thereby maximize your profits.
  • Now, use this helpful bonus along with the feature packed software MaxFunnels, and take your business to the next level.


Bonus 3— Consultation Riches

  • Making money online is not that easy! And if you have bought and tried some of those ‘make money online’ course, I bet they haven’t shown any profit.
  • Don’t worry! With this bonus guide you can learn the tactics that will help you truly generate a healthy monthly income from even the most basic knowledge on Internet Marketing.
  • When used with the immense landing page & funnel building powers of MaxFunnels, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.


Bonus 4— Find Your Niche

  • Do you want to be a business owner someday? Being a business owner can be extremely rewarding. You will be able to set your own hours to have the control to sell what you want.
  • But you may face failure due to lack of research to find a viable and profitable niche. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know for finding your niche so you can stand out and create success faster.
  • This bonus when combined with MaxFunnels, becomes an ultimate growth booster for business owners.


Bonus 5— Salespage Writer Software

  • If you have a product to sell or launch, having a persuasive copy will give you better conversation rate to your sales page and if you are not good at copywriting, you might end up hiring someone to write it for you and the fact to this matter is that, hiring an expert in copywriting is expensive.
  • This bonus software gives you 100 of the best copy and paste sales pages you can instantly use to sell your products and services. When combined with landing pages created with MaxFunnels, this bonus becomes a lethal combination and boosts traffic and profits hands down.


Bonus 6 — Simple Membership Generator

Modern digital content consumption has created a unique demand for consistently fresh content and a membership site is the perfect solution. And if you are looking for solution to create a perfect membership site, the good news is that inside this product is a tool that will help you build a simple membership website that you can profit from the internet.

This bonus when combined with the powerful sales funnels created with MaxFunnels, proves to be a great resource for every success hungry marketer.

Bonus 7 — Virtual Sales Bot

Sales bots can help saving a lot of time for your sales team and help them get more value on their time. Virtual Sales Bot is a powerful, easy to use software you can use to set up your own personal exit traffic army of virtual salesmen. As soon as VSB gets a sense that someone is about to abandon your site, it jumps into action, giving your visitors a second chance to interact with your site and act on your offers! You can add unlimited sales bots and put them on any webpage you want.

This package is a must-have and when combined with the huge benefits MaxFunnels has for you, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

Bonus 8— Live DeskPro

A well-managed CRM software help you know your clients more and take care about them. Live DeskPro gives you a live web-based help support service — Make you look professional. It automates your business and saves many customer support hours, stores and download latest upgrades, convert more prospects to customers, skyrocket customer loyalty and satisfaction, increase the percentage of repeat customers and much more.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with the revolutionary technology MaxFunnels to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

Bonus 9 — Mail Giant Pro

Autoresponders are the greatest marketing invention ever created for the Internet hands down. If you are looking for a solution for your email lists without the high costs or ongoing monthly fees then look no further than Mail Giant Pro. This easy-to-use software creates more sales, increases cash flow and generates traffic for your offers. Ultimately, you can best results in a cost-effective manner.

When used with MaxFunnels, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.

Bonus 10- Set Up a Coaching Program

If you’re a coach or service provider, you’re trading your time for money. And that means there will always be a limit to the amount you can earn, unless you’re regularly increasing your rates. But there’s a solution that is creating your own coaching program with the help of list building. This course will help you learn a lot of effective strategies to build list for your online business and help you set up a coaching program.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with MaxFunnels to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

Bonus 11- Build Your Audience

The single most important asset that any business has when it comes to promoting itself online and making profit is its audience. If a business doesn’t have an audience, then that means no one will know about it when that company releases an amazing product. With this guide to you will learn to create your own audience, starting from the beginning and create a brand that people can believe in.

When combined with the ultimate MaxFunnels, this package will reap great results in the near future.

Bonus 12-Auto Video Creator

If you want to build your brand, chances are you need to have a video to show your expertise. But if you are not good at creating video or you don’t have the necessary tools yet to shoot your own video, this cool software will do the stuffs for you.

This guide will help you create your own professional videos in a snap. You don’t even have to speak; the software will do it for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Combine this package with countless benefits that you get with MaxFunnels and take your profits to the next level.

Bonus 13- WSO Graphic Editor

Graphics are really a huge help to persuade your audience to optin into your list or buy to your products and services. But it will cost you more if you are not a graphic designer or don’t know how to use photo editing software like Photoshop.

The good news is that inside this inside this amazing product is a Sales Graphic Editors that are guaranteed to help you build the perfect WSO for your product, service, or offer without using photoshop.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with the sales funnels created with MaxFunnels, this package becomes a top-notch business booster.

Bonus 14-Joint Venture Pro

Want to grow your business into a profit-pulling, lead-generating, cash flow flooding enterprise with guaranteed results? The software does it all for you. It’s a database-driven software that will bring you a flood of qualified customers every day of the week. This is the fastest, most effective strategy today to make successful alliances, generating instant cash-flows.

This package is a must-have and when combined with MaxFunnels, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

Bonus 15- Email List Profit Funnels

You spent a lot of time and money building your email list and making sure it is up to date. Now it is time to make that list pay for itself. If you sell products or services, it is easy to see how monetizing an email list would work. With Email List Profit Funnels discover the top strategies for generating ‘fast cash” from email broadcasts on autopilot and maximize your profits with fail proof strategies that are proven to work in every market.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with MaxFunnels to intensify your growth prospects, and become an enviable success story.

Bonus 16-Sales Presentation Graphics Pack

Presentations need a certain amount of imagery and graphics to be interesting and to keep the audience’s attention. This graphics pack includes 50 images of men and women giving sales presentations. You can use it to add appeal to blog posts, marketing, PLR content and so much more. Images are in PNG and Vector PDF formats. PNG files are a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels in size.

When this package is combined with the ultimate sales funnel & landing page powerhouse MaxFunnels, this package will reap great results in the near future.

Bonus 17- Simple Startups

Starting a business can be costly, especially in certain fields such as brick-and-mortar and retail. But there are ways to drastically reduce your startup costs, and to secure funding without giving away the rights to your company or going into serious debt.

In this guide, you are going to learn about some of the best ways to save money, get profitable faster, and avoid having to seek funding before your company is truly ready.

This package is of multi-utility when combined with the immense powers of MaxFunnels.

Bonus 18- The Info Product Resellers Pack

Building an information product isn’t as easy as selling information online. The first step toward creating a truly successful info product is to brainstorm information product ideas.

But there is no need for all this hard work. This is a great package that includes lots of software and Ebooks as well that you can turn around and resell to get unlimited profit.

Combine these techniques along with MaxFunnels and build a qualified customer base in the long run.

Bonus 19 – Unlimited Product Ideas Package

How are you keeping track of your notes and ideas? Do you write them down on a piece of paper? What happens to them from there?

There’s a better way to keep up with your notes and ideas with Idea Bucket Software. Idea Bucket makes it quick and easy to store your notes and ideas! All of your ideas are listed in an idea gallery which is password protected. Only the admin user may add, delete and view ideas.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with MaxFunnels to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

Bonus 20 — 100K Google Adsense Blueprint Pack

The Time-Tested, Proven Course for Building a 6-Figure Internet Business. This course is designed to help you build your own long-term, sustainable $100k business. It assumes very little knowledge or prior experience, goes over in detail everything you’ll need to know, and provides clear step-by-step instructions.

The course is designed for both “newbies” and “pros”. For those relatively new to Internet Marketing and Adsense, you’ll find clear, concise direction, and ‘digestible’ explanations.


Frequently Asked Questions for MaxFunnels

I am not a technical geek, so will I be able to use MaxFunnels?

A Yep my friend, MaxFunnels is 100% newbie friendly. We know that there are a lot of technical hassles that most software has, but our software is a cut above the rest, and everyone can use it with complete ease.  

Is MaxFunnels compliant with all social network guidelines?

A Yes, our software follows all prescribed guidelines and compliances. We make constant efforts to ensure that we all the necessary guidelines and regulations. Still, we request all users to be very careful while choosing any/ all social networks.  

Is my investment risk free?

We know the worth of your money. You can be rest assured that your investment is as safe as houses. However, we would like to clearly state that we don’t offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. You must provide a genuine reason and show us proof that you did everything before asking for a refund.  

Is MaxFunnels Windows and Mac compatible?

YES. We’ve already stated that MaxFunnels is fully cloud-based. So, it runs directly on the web and works across all browsers and all devices.  

Do you charge any monthly fees?

NOT AT ALL. There are NO monthly fees to use it during the launch period. During this period, you pay once and never again. We always believe in providing complete value for your money.  

Will I get any training or support for my questions?

YES. We made detailed and step-by-step training videos that show you every step of how to get setup and you can access them in the member’s area.  

Do I need to download & install MaxFunnels somewhere?

NO! MaxFunnels is fully cloud based. You create an account and you can get started immediately online. MaxFunnels is 100% web-based platform hosted on the cloud. This means you never have to download anything ever!  

How is MaxFunnels different from other available tools in the market?

Well, we won’t like to boast much about our software, but we can assure you that this is a never-seen-before technology that will enable you to add a personalized touch and notify your videos to every website visitor and boost their attention levels.  

Conclusion: MaxFunnels is 100% Recommended

As MaxFunnels is the lighting fast marketing funnel and page builder with innovative and easy drag and drop editor and it comes with fast media storage for the users, it is a good alternative to ClickFunnels. I hope you find my MaxFunnels Review useful and I highly recommend you grab the MaxFunnels during the launch period at a special price.  





Your AMAZING Super Special Bonus Package

If you purchase through my link, you can also get my exclusive bonuses and the following AMAZING Super Special Bonus Package !  They are ALL FREE FOR YOU! Total Value worth $3000 +  You need to finish the following 2 simple steps:


  • 2. After you complete the order, send your receipt details to my email at


Here are the huge lists of the bonuses you will get if you purchase this product Today. Remember, you will get ALL bonuses as shown below.           Remember, you can get ALL the above bonuses when you buy this product through my links. You need to finish the following 2 simple steps:

  • 1. Buy this product through my link here.
  • 2. After you complete the order, send your receipt details to my email at
  • 3. You will get my bonus and I will send all bonus to you within 24 hours. 



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  1. Rich says

    Hi, One important con that you need to take into consideration is that they have not said anything about updates? Friends of the creators with products that they have also sold and endorsed in the recent past have released products with amazing early bird deals and then after the guarantee period has finished they stopped supporting the product and then later have blocked everybody especially unhappy buyers asking questions or pointing out a problem of the product on their Facebook VIP Groups, XMAILS for one.

    The creators of Maxfunnels do not have a dedicated Facebook group and earlier in the year released Smartketo and instead of improving and updating the product they left as it to run and then released MAXFUNNELS obviously as another lucrative money-spinner for them. How can they support the product allowing them longterm to continually update the product like the more established companies without any monthly plan and sell one off licences for individuals to keep all of the monthly charges? There is no incentive for them that’s why it’s easier to take the money and run, then invest in a new project.

    1. admin says

      Hi Rich,

      Thank you for your comment. MaxFunnels is the product released by Dr.Amit Pareek, Er. Ashu Kumar and DotcomPal team.
      I know sometimes it seems that the amazing early bird deal is at a very reasonable price that other existing competitive software can’t beat; however, that is not true that the MaxFunnels vendor will stop supporting the products once the guarantee period finished.Most of the vendors offer unbeatable early bird prices is mainly because it is a new launch product and therefore, it is important to set a great price to let people try with a money-back guarantee. The price will also increase once the launch period finished.

      I know most of the great products like ClickFunnels are charged a huge monthly fee and the pricing of MaxFunnels is too good to be true. However, the support of MaxFunnels is indeed fantastic. I bought MaxFunnels myself and the login website is
      If you have any questions, you can always open a support ticket on DoctcomPal and the customer services will usually a response to you within 24 hours. I tried to open a support ticket two days ago and I received a response within 13 hours! They also have a self-support page ( that consists of frequently ask question, so you can check the page and create a support ticket for help if you can’t find the answers there.

      Indeed, MaxFunnels OTO4 does have a monthly plan, a 1-year plan and a 2-year plan for the Premium Membership Club if you would like to have more functions. The price is still relatively cheaper than other funnels building products.
      Also, the website of DotcomPal does have the monthly plan for Kaptiwa solution and DotcomPal Pro that you can Pay Only For What You Need. , so you can rest assure that the website is well-maintained.

      Personally, I don’t know about the Facebook VIP group and XMAIL, but the website has the options for the users to open a support ticket if they have any questions. As far as I know, MyIMUniversity is one of the popular products from the vendor so the support should be good.

      I know they constantly develop new products because they have a team of experts that would like to provide a better experience for the users. Many companies also develop new products very often but that is how to make a business continue to sustain for a long time.

      Once again, thanks for your comment Rich. I appreciate it very much!

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