Professional CPD Accredited Photography Course Review + Huge Bonus


Professional CPD Accredited Photography Course For Beginner 

Professional CPD Accredited Photography Course Review – If you are want to learn more about photography and you are looking for an online photography now, this Professional CPD Accredited Photography Course is one of the great course in the market. It is suitable for anyone who are interested in sharpen the skills in photography. This review will tell you what modules are included in this course. 


CPD Accredited Photography Course is a series of video courses that can help you master your camera and photography skills, and learn how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance & more digital photography fundamentals.

Price: $39.99 (Lite) / $44.99 (Intensive)

CPD Accredited Photography Course Learning Objectives

  • Get To Know A Variety Of Essential Photography Terminology

  • Learn The Camera Functions Needed To Control Your Camera.

  • Learn How To Set Up Your Camera On Location.

  • Learn Photography Skills Needed In Order To Capture Specific Subjects Such As Products, Landscapes, Animals And People.

  • Learn How To Properly Compose And Frame A Shot.

Course Modules

Below are the modules and lessons in this course.

1. Introduction

  • Course Format
  • About Your Lecturer
  • In this module, we explore the navigation of the course along with some housekeeping. In this section you are also introduced to your teacher, Jasmine Evans.

2. Starting with some fun

  • Photography Terminology! Let us start this online photography course by introducing the photograph terminology used in this curriculum in a fun wordsearch.

3. Stepping into Photography

  • Areas of Photography
  • Poll: What area of photography are you interested in?
  • What Makes A Good Photographer
  • Different Types Of Camera
  • Photography is about the appreciation of the subject in the lens. The world is filled with various subjects and aspects which we can capture and appreciate. These make up the different areas of photography we will now explore. We will also start to learn the differences between the different types of cameras and what is important to make you a good photographer.

4. Getting To Know Your Camera

  • How Does Your Camera Capture Light?
  • The Features Of Your Camera
  • The Elements Of Your Camera
  • How To Unpack Your Camera
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Infographic Photography is about how to use your camera to control how it processes manipulates the light but before we can use it, we have to understand it.

5. Demystifying Lenses

  • Lenses are one of those topics that it is easy to get confused due to the shear number of the different types of prime lens, zoom lens, telephoto lens, macro lens etc. This lecture demystifies the topic of lenses.

6. Framing Your Subject

  • Composition and its Rule Of Thirds
  • You can take pictures of the same subject using different composition technique and each picture will evoke a different emotion. This lecture delves into the
    composition techniques.

7. The Modes Of Your Camera Part 1

  • The Modes Of Your Camera
  • Automatic Modes
  • This lecture is about understanding the mode dial on your camera and the icon meanings. This module also makes sure you understand your cameras automatic mode and exactly what it’s doing in each mode to give you your training wheels before letting you loose on your journey on the manual mode.

8. Capturing Light

  • Exposure
  • Line of Exposure
  • Metering
  • Exposure is a well used term in terms of photography but what does it mean how do you achieve a good level of exposure? We also delve into metering- how your camera processes the light in your scene.

9. The Modes Of Your Camera pt 2

  • The Semi-Automatic Modes
  • Practicing Aperture in Aperture Priority
  • This module continues your journey to being the master of your camera by take you through your Semi Automatic modes. This module contains a practice session.

10. The Manual Mode

  • You Have The Power!
    ‘The Exposure Analogy
  • Aperture PL 1, Quiz & Aperture PL 2
  • Reintroducing Shutter Speed (refresh)
  • Understanding Shutter Speed, Shutter Speed Quiz & Answer
  • Understanding ISO, ISO Quiz & Answers
  • Exposure On Location
  • Assignment: Practising your shutter speed
  • Practice session
  • The Manual Mode Practice Session
  • Assignment Depth of field in Manual Mode
  • Demystifying White Balance
  • Assignment: White balance

11. Summary

  • Test Your Knowledge!
  • Finished!! Now lets get qualified! (Upsell)

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring photographers
  • Bloggers
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Shopify /Ebay sellers
  • Event organisers
  • Webinar hosts
  • Small business
  • Consultants and agencies
  • Freelancers

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