Listify Review – New System To Grow Your Email List On Autopilot


Listify Review – New System To Grow Your Email List On Autopilot

Have you ever thought of how to do a proper list building to ensure you can get an incredible result? There is a new system called Listify that you can legally give away the WordPress Plugin and build an email list at the same time. This system is created by Paul Okeeffe, Richard Fairbairn, and Michael Thomas and they have automated this system and created a platform so we can all do exactly the same as them. This Listify system also works with every autoresponder and integrates with Zapier so it opens up a huge world of potential options for you. Stay tuned as I am going to tell you what is Listify, Listfy’s feature and its pricing and upgrade option in my Listify review.  


Listify Review - Grow Your Email List On Autopilot
Listify Review - Lead Generation Apps

Product Name: Listify

Product Description: Listify is a brand new way to build your list. It involves no product creation, no ad spends, and no selling on auto-pilot. Listify is a proven way for anyone to build an email list, whilst at the same time giving, authority, trust, and value to those who receive the giveaways. By using Listify, you can give away 20 custom build plugins to build your list on autopilot.

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What is Listify?

Listify is a brand new way to build your list. It involves no product creation, no ad spends, and no selling on auto-pilot. Listify is a proven way for anyone to build an email list, whilst at the same time giving, authority, trust, and value to those who receive the giveaways. By using Listify, you can give away 20 custom build plugins to build your list on autopilot.



  • Product name: Listify
  • Creator:Paul Okeeffe, Richard Fairbairn and Michael Thomas
  • Launch Date: October 17th 2019, 11:00 EST


Listify Features

  • Include 20 plugins with download link. You cannot find these plugins in the market as they are custom-made for Listify.
  • Each plugin has a pre-built landing page, so you will get 20 pre-built landing pages
  • World-class support from the team


  • You can collect Listify with all the popular autorespnders. Here is the options:



How to Use Listify

  • Step 1:  Open Listify and connect your Autoresponder (all the popular ones are there)


  • Step 2:  Choose the software you want to give away (high converting Landing pages are included)


  • Step 3: As each Plugin is activated, the info immediately goes to your autoresponder list.


  • Step 4:  Give away more software (20 Plugins + 20 Landing pages included)


  • It really doesn’t get much easier than Listify because giveaways are the perfect vehicle for viral traffic.As download links are shared with family and friends, your list continues to grow. Also, the software within Listify isn’t just any old freebie they can find elsewhere because everything is custom built for Listify.



Listify Dashboard

After login Listify, you will see the following dashboard. Here are what you can do inside the software.

Listify Form Configuration - Listify Review
Listify – Form Configuration
Listify Review - Listify Account Mail Dashboard
Listify – Select Account Type
Listify Review - Download Package
Listify – Select Package
Listify Review - Download Plus Package
Listify – Select Plus Package


How can Listify Help You Achieve The Result?

As Listify uses a built-in lead capture technology, this new SaaS software connects with your autoresponder and allows you to give away custom-built WP plugins with one simple download link. Once downloaded, leads are automatically added when they activate the software and the best thing about it is that your giveaway links never expire. Therefore, your list will continue to grow when the download links are shared all over the internet.   If you have been putting off building a profitable list of your own, now is the perfect time to get started and with a sure way to attract more and more signups with free software.  

Why is Listify A Must Have For Everyone?

We know building an email list is a proven way for anyone to make a good living online, whether you are stone-cold newbies or seasoned marketers, you will benefit from this software.  

How Does Listify Different From The Traditional Way of Building List?

As it takes time to write engaging copy, design landing pages or plan email funnels, Listify provides you an invisible method of collecting leads. What do I mean by the invisible method? Well, Listify includes 20 plugins that you can give away for free. To use the plugins they need to unlock them by entering their email. It means every time someone unlocks the plugin you build a lead. When you experience what this new SaaS software can do to make your list building easier, you’ll want to get started immediately.  

Listify Front-End and OTOs/Upgrade


Front End: Listify $27

  • There is an Early bird of $24.95 for first 6 hours on the launch date from 11:00 a.m. EST TO 5:00 p.m. EST on October 17th 2019.
  • Listify has 20 custom built WordPress plugins that you can giveaway to build your list on auto-pilot using built-in lead capture technology.
  • The software connects with your autoresponder and the leads are added automatically as they install the plugins.
  • This also includes a Free Bonus feature of a custom download page for each plugin 20 landing/download pages in total
  • This was originally part of the Pro upgrade but we have moved it to the Front-end  for the launch.


OTO 1: Listify Pro Upgrade ($67)

  • Want to get serious by unlocking the pro feature of Listify?
  • This OTO gives you the chance to give away 51,000+ WP plugins from the WordPress repository. All 51,000+ of these come with 5 different landing/download pages for each plugin too.


OTO 1 downsell: Listify Pro ($47)

  • The down-sell to this is $47 and we only offer 1 landing/download page per plugin.


OTO 2: Steal My Bonus $97

  • You will get the opportunity to use our done for you bonus pages inside a cloud based bonus creator.
  • There is 30 bonus packages which we have generated over $200,000 gross with.
  • Comes complete with all pages, bonuses and delivery and is customisable.


OTO 2 downsell: Steal My Bonus downwell – £47

  • The down-sell to this is $47 and comprises of 10 done for you bonus packages


OTO 3: Underground Affiliate System $97

  • This offer will allow you to use Richard and Pauls pre-done funnels and follow up series. All you need to do is send the lead and they take care of the rest. Everything is included for them to start, training, ads, social media, templates and a full cloud based system that handles everything.
  • This utilises our pre-built funnels that have generated over $1,000,000.


OTO 3 downsell: Underground Affiliate System downsell $47

  • The down-sell for this is $47 with the affiliate module removed


OTO 4: Smart Content Match $97

  • This cloud based app lets you search for up to the minute content and use that content on their blogs.
  • You can edit, schedule to multiple blogs in minutes.
  • And with the built in affiliate module you can automatically monetise the content. It finds an offer to match the content they have searched for.


OTO 4 downsell: Smart Content Match downsell $47)

  • The down-sell for this is $47 with affiliate module removed


My Exclusive Bonus for Listify

I know you want to use Listify to build your own mobile Apps and generate income, so I’ve prepared Exclusive Bonuses ready to download only for you if you buy Listify from my link. Here are my 15 exclusive bonuses which you will get after your purchase. All the following tools I provided for you are great for your Internet Marketing, eCommerce Business and Social Media Engagement.

  • Exclusive Bonus 1:  Internet Marketing Funnels


  • Exclusive Bonus 2:  New Funnel Hacking


  • Exclusive Bonus 3:  Lead Acquisition 101


  • Exclusive Bonus 4:  Email Marketing A-Z


  • Exclusive Bonus 5:  Email Marketing Profits


  • Exclusive Bonus 6: Affiliate Fire Extinguisher


  • Exclusive Bonus 7: Affiliate Funnel System


  • Exclusive Bonus 8: Affiliate Cash Monster


  • Exclusive Bonus 9: 37 List Building Quick Tips


  • Exclusive Bonus 10: Building A Relationship With Your List


  • Exclusive Bonus 11: Build Your List


  • Exclusive Bonus 12: Build Passive Cash Funnels


  • Exclusive Bonus 13: Email Domination


  • Exclusive Bonus 14: A Is For Affiliate


  • Exclusive Bonus 15: Find Your Niche


Final Words: Listify is 100% Recommended

Listify is a perfect Done-for-you list building solution. You will receive 20 plugins to give away for your target audiences and the system is completed with landing pages for each plugin. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by because you have no list (or have an old unresponsive list). Listify can get you started in just minutes. Remember, if you decide to buy Listify from my link here, you will also receive the exclusive bonus and amazing bonus package that I have for you. Check out Listify here.  




Your Special Bonuses

If you click any of the links to the sales page from my website, and purchase the product I recommended, you can get my Super Special Bonus Package. The bonus package contains useful eBooks, video courses, WordPress Plugin, and social media design templates and many more. Whatever business you are in, you will find some of the tools useful. This bonus package is absolutely free for you and it worth more than $3000. It means you will receive this super special bonus package in additional to the vendor bonuses for purchasing  this product through my link.   You just need to finish the following 2 simple steps to get this special bonus package:


  • 2 After you complete the order, send your receipt details to my email at

P.S You can join my NO.1 Recommend Marketing Training Platform For FREE by click here.  Read my full review here


Here are the huge lists of the bonuses you will get if you purchase this product Today. Remember, you will get ALL bonuses as shown below.           Remember, you can get ALL the above bonuses when you buy this product through my links. You need to finish the following 2 simple steps:

  • 1. Buy this product through my link here.
  • 2. After you complete the order, send your receipt details to my email at
  • 3. You will get my bonus and I will send all bonus to you within 24 hours. 





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